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  • AfterLifeRP Staff reserve the right to alter and/or change the Community and Discord rules as needed. This is done to better accommodate the ever changing and evolving community we are building here together. For that very reason, all community members are urged to review the AfterLifeRP/Discord rules regularly, to avoid unintentional rule breaks and/or violations.

    Above all else, we aim to provide a unique apocalyptic experience and as such, if it’s not listed here, consider it fair game. In an apocalyptic setting, you would indeed have someone hold you up for the clothes on your back. As long as what you do stays within the boundaries of the rules, may you find glory in the apocalypse.

    The AfterLifeRP Staff Team can and will utilise a voting system in order to obtain certain verdicts, based on what could be viewed as questionable areas in the rules.

    These areas are defined as where loopholes and/or grey areas arise, rather than violations/breaks specifically outlined in the currently posted rules.

  • Game-play Rules

    1. Prior to joining the server ALL players must create character pages for each character they use. If players do not create character pages and change their in game character name prior to entering the server, they will be kicked from the server and unable to join until this is fixed.  (https://afterliferoleplay.com/forums/index.php?/forums/topic/5-how-to-change-your-name/)

    2. Furthering role-play is the key focus at all times. PVP is permitted but only if the RP dictates so.

    3. In game voice communications are mandatoryCommunity members must be capable of understanding and speaking English.

    4. Community members may not conduct themselves or post in offensive, disrespectful, racist, or sexist manners. 

    5. Players may not create characters that hold large influence over the Lore and/or server story line. Should questions arise regarding characters, please contact any staff members.

    6. Players must stay in character at all times. RP is to be kept as realistic as possible. Players must value their characters' lives and lives of other characters they encounter. Exceptions can be made for characters with a terminal illness or similar, but only as a result of thorough role play prior to the mental break. If violated, this is considered NVFL (No Value For Life). Please consult the staff team for exceptions given.

    7. BadRP is not tolerated and is defined as; trolling, memeing, playing an unrealistic character, speaking out of character in game via voice and avoiding role-play by any means. This also covers role-playing any form of rape and/or paedophilia. Violation of this will result in being banned from AfterLife.

    8. Any form of a game exploit including loot cycling, duping or glitching of any kind will result in an immediate punishment.

    9. Any form of griefing is not permitted. This is defined as taking items from a storage container and placing them on the ground to despawn. This also includes destroying and/or ruining items so they cannot be used further, as well as purposely destroying buildings.

    10. To utilise any 3rd party voice comms such as; Discord, Team Speak, etc., you must at all times have a fully functioning radio with battery on your character. If that radio is removed from your character and/or ruined, you lose the ability to transmit information via 3rd party communication.

    11. Metagaming in all forms is strictly prohibited.

    11.2. Powergaming is strictly prohibited. This is defined by forcing permanent effects on another character in the forms of scarring, poisoning, etc. Exceptions are made when both parties agree on the events via OOC chat.

    12. RDM is strictly forbidden and results in an instant ban from the community.

  • In Game Hostilities

    1. KOS is strictly prohibited. Initiations are mandatory and must be clear, along with all demands made to hostages. 

    2. If a player aims a weapon at another player, this will be seen as an initiation and the opposite party may fight back.

    3. Hostile events will last for 1 hour after line of sight has been broken. People involved in these events are not permitted to log off for 30 minutes after hostilities have ended. Exceptions can be made in case of a real-life emergency or agreement reached between all the involved parties.

    4. If a player dies during a conflict, they may not return to the place they died or within 2 kilometres of it, for 1 hour. Players may not switch characters to return to the area. When a player dies during PVP hostilities, you are to role play out your injuries for several in-game days. You are free to remember the fight and gain the RP it creates.

    5. In every hostage situation the hostage/hostages must be cared for. The hostage takers are solely responsible for their hostage/hostages' well-being. This also extends to protecting the hostage from outside threats.

    6. Re-initiation is needed if combat has concluded (one side or the other is "killed") or if one side successfully broke contact and an hour has passed.

    7. If you are executed, you 'lose all memory' of the incident in which you were executed.

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  • Base Building Rules

    1. Bases must consist of a closed off area surrounded by walls and at least one door to be considered a protected and proper base. If a wall is missing or broken, said base is open to being raided until it is completed or repaired.

    2. Bases must be built realistically, this means no floating bases, gravity defying builds and no glitch spots. It is also advised to check that your base cannot be entered via glitch or climbing, to avoid raiding.

    3. Bases can't be build on military areas. (Police stations are still allowed.)

    4. No glitching, clipping or intersecting build items into player made or static map buildings/walls/fences/map items. Exceptions can be made for blocking off windows and ways into smaller buildings.

    5. Aside from the rules listed above we impose no restrictions on where you build. You may build where you like, as long as it adheres to common sense and gravity.

    Base Raiding Rules

    1. Offline Base Raiding is NOT permitted and will result in a week’s ban. If this rule is violated again, it will result in a permanent ban from the community. In order to raid a base as per our rules, players must be justifiably hostile towards the owners/occupants. Players must also properly initiate before raiding the base. 

    2. Bases are not allowed to be in or around militairy areas. (Police Stations are still allowed to be build in.)

    3. During a base raid, players may not “grief”. Examples of this include but not limited to: Leaving loot outside of storage so it de-spawns and destroying items.

    4. In the event of a raid, any group member/faction/club member who wakes up during the process of the raid instantly gains kill rights on all raiding parties. If the attacking parties find the groups/faction/club members first, they must first initiate before proceeding.

    5. NPC/staff owned groups reserve the same right to have hostilities as anyone else on the server and may enact these hostile rights to raid bases and loot strongholds.

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