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    Approved!~ Welcome to AfterLifeRP my man. excited to have you.
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    Welcome to the community!! Feel free to join the discord at any time: https://discord.gg/NzxkDRf See you on the ilsland ^^
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    Saturday 5th September 12PM PST - 2PM CST - 3PM EST - 8PM BST - 9PM GMT - 4:30AM ACST Players are to report to the quest giver at Devil’s Eye to receive the mission and begin your adventure. There you will be advised to visit the locations marked on the map. There will be caches of ammo & med supplies at each location to aid in pinpointing your targets and your odds of survival. Happy Hunting, we'll see you on Saturday.
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    Welcome to the community!! 😊
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    @Funiculus it is okay, I forgive you for your transgressions against our God Emperor Trump. You only must repent and see the error of your ways.
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