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Alice Singer

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    Does it matter, We're all here now.
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    Again, no one cares.
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    1.68 m
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    Parents (Deceased)
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    My name is Alice Singer. When I was eleven years old my parents and I went to visit my grandparents in Portland. They had a small store there.

    The world changed, people became monsters and my parents did their best to keep me safe.

    When I turned sixteen the worst happened. That day my parents were killed by those things to save me. My mother's last words are still with me.


    "Alice you have to survive. 

    The world is different now, but you are strong. 

    Keep on running, don't look back.

    Never look back.

    Remember we love you.

    We will always be there with you."


    I was scared for a while. I hadn't been alone for so long. I didn't know anything but the comfort of my parents. However I am still alive. I made sure that everything they taught me, would be what kept me safe. This is how I would stay alive. 

    That is how I survive.

  • Features

    - Dresses in Red.
    - Never has a Big gun.
    - Hardly wears a Backpack.
  • Equipment

    - Handmade Backpack
    - Red Hoodie.
    - Green Shorts.
    - Red Boots.

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