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Johnathan Aneheim

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    A country man, Hunter and farmer, from Northwest Mississippi that decided to go on a family vacation with his with of 15 years and 2 children. One boy and one girl ages 17 and 12. Married at 29, first born male at 27, with the daughter to follow at the age of 33. Wife would be 40 this year; All family is currently deceased due too Toxoplasmosa Corpus. All 3 were put down permanently and buried by Aneheim's own hands, He is a very strong survivalist, that knows and understands all walks of life, and every tid-bit of information thats required to survive. If over confidence in abilities leads to death, then this man died years ago.

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    Stout and Sturdy. Not thin yet Not buff or fat
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    Always a trusty rifle and knife. Anything can be acquired

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