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    Early Life



    Adrian Jackson was born on March 6, 1990 in Mesa, Arizona. He was born to a poor family with drug addicted parents. As a child he spent many nights hungry and alone, teaching himself to do things like math, English, science, and other things he would normally learn at school. His parents spent all their money on drugs and booze, not having enough money for him to go to school. Adrian often spent his days and nights wandering the streets of Arizona, scrounging for food and books to teach himself. Even in poor circumstances, Adrian was very lively and relatively friendly. However this manner quickly changed.


    Adrian quickly learned that his kind manner would not help him in the type of life he was forced to live. Soon enough, he began teaching himself how to fight. He taught himself some basic boxing techniques and other hand to hand fighting styles. At this point he began to get in fights, typically coming out on top. These fights often attracted police which ended with him returning home in handcuffs many times. His parents, of course, never cared. They were too busy getting stoned and drunk.


    It didn’t take long for Adrian to kill someone for the first time. It was 1994, a few days after his 18th birthday and he was at a corner store, trying to get some food for dinner. He spotted a few guys across the street watching him. Adrian recognized these type of people, they were also kids with poor living conditions. He also knew they would do anything for money or food. They were all wearing ripped jeans and dirty hoodies with their hands in their pockets. Adrian immediately noticed some of them had their fists clenched in their pockets, as if they were holding something. Adrian decided it would be bad to buy something there and started to move off. As he did, the group of guys began to follow him. There were four guys, and some of them had taken their hands out of their pockets, and were holding switchblades. Adrian began to move faster, trying to get away, when one of them called out to him. Adrian sighed and turned to face him and they began to speak.


    “What’re you doing out here this late. Probably should be home shouldn’t you?” One of them said.


    “I could ask the same to you, but I don’t. Why don’t you guys move off?” Adrian replied, with a hint of hostility.


    Another one of them scoffed and spoke, “Yeah, we’ll go, once we have that cash you’re carrying.”


    The two with switchblades flipped the blades out. Adrian wasn’t trained but he knew how to fight from what he taught himself, and he knew these guys hadn’t been taught a thing. They likely weren’t used to people fighting back. They surrounded Adrian and were standing in lazy fighting stances.


    The first one to attack was the man who called out to him. He wasn’t carrying a blade and threw an uncoordinated punch at him. Adrian ducked the blow and grabbed him by the waist, flipping him over, before kicking him in the stomach, causing him to roll away from the middle of the group.


    The next one to attack was carrying a blade. He went for a slash at Adrians’ arm. Adrian caught his wrist, twisting it and causing him to drop the knife. Adrian kicked it away before kicking the man’s legs out from under him, causing him to fall and roll out of the group. 


    The other two wisened up and tried to fight him together. One who wasn’t carrying a knife managed to grab Adrian and hold him in place for the other to try to stab him. Adrian freed one of his arms and grabbed the man holding him by the wrist, flipping him over and holding him in front of him, stopping the man from stabbing him. The one Adrian was holding elbowed him in the stomach, freeing himself from Adrians’ grasp. The four thugs stood in front of Adrian, staying in their fighting stances.


    “Walk away, last chance.” Adrian said, his eyes narrowed.


    “Fuck you.” One of them spat, rushing him with a knife.


    Adrian, reacting quickly, grabbed the man’s wrist, ripping his knife from his hands, shoving him backwards and, without thinking, stabbed the man in the gut, throwing his body back into his group.


    “Walk. Away.” Adrian said, flicking the blood from the knife.


    “You’re fucking crazy! Lets get the fuck out of here.” One of them said, and the group bolted, leaving the body of the man Adrian stabbed.


    Adrian paused for a moment, staring down at the body, feeling nothing but cold. He immediately knew that he would have to get out of the city. He dragged the body into a nearby bush, hiding it as best he can before running for a highway. He hitchhiked his way to California where he snuck aboard a cargo ship, bound for South Zagoria.



    South Zagoria


    Living in South Zagoria was hard for Adrian, as he did not know Russian, Czech, or Chernarussian, but he managed to teach himself some basic phrases with the few English written books he found. When he arrived in South Zagoria, he snuck off the ship and climbed aboard a train heading along the coast to the northern coastal towns. When the train stopped, he was in the town of Berezino. The town was fairly prosperous in the third world country of South Zagoria, but not much safer.


    If he thought that Arizona’s streets were dangerous, South Zagorian streets were a hellscape. Rape, murder, thievery, muggings, and gangs were all common on the streets. Fortunately, Adrian was able to avoid most of the gangs. He quickly figured out where the gangs hung out, and where they avoided. He established a spot where he could steal from stores without threat from street gangs.


    He spent most of his life living on the streets, the only life he was accustomed to. He would often walk the streets, looking for bakeries and stores with unlocked back doors where he could enter and steal food. He had set up many stashes around Berezino, around the lumber mill, in the woods by the church, near the trainyard, everywhere. Although his biggest stash was in the Northern part of Berezino, where he stashed several guns and bullets he had managed to steal from the small military camp in the center of Berezino. This stash quickly got him into trouble.


    A street gang had heard of his thefts and decided to go find where Adrian had been stashing his loot. They found Adrian looking through is stash in the woods to the west of town. Adrian heard them coming from behind him and grabbed an SKS rifle from his stash. He never used a gun before but he was going to try anyway.


    The gang came from the treeline and saw Adrian with his rifle. There were four of them, two with blades, and two with pistols. Using the little chernarussian he knew, he spoke to them.


    “Chůze, nikdo se neublíží.”

    (Walk away, no one has to get hurt)


    Without saying anything, the two with guns fired at Adrian. They were far enough from Berezino, where that gunfire would seem like hunting, but close enough that it could be heard. The 9mm rounds slammed into the tree as Adrian jumped behind it. He pulled back the charging handle on the SKS and leaned around the corner, firing a shot. His heart rate was racing as he fired. The first shot missed, the second shot landed at one of their feet, and the third hit one of them in the stomach. The powerful round knocked him off his feet and left him bleeding out, in shock, on the ground.


    Surprisingly unphased, the other gunman continued to approach and fire at Adrian, as the other two with knives approached slower. Adrian scruffed through his stash as more bullets splintered the tree. He found a flashbang he had stolen from the camp and pulled the pin. He waited about three seconds and tossed it around the corner. He was caught off guard by the sheer noise it made, his ears ringing, he leaned out from the tree and saw the three of them blinded. He shot the other gunman as well as the two men with knives, killing all of them.


    Gun violence was common in South Zagoria with the IST attacking, and Adrian wasn’t surprised when there wasn’t any Chernarussian cops showing up.


    Adrian felt nothing but cold after the fight. He wasn’t scared, and he wasn’t phased by their attempt to kill him. Adrian dragged the bodies deeper into the woods and hid them, before stripping them of valuables, stashing away the SKS, and jogged back to the city.


    Even after this event, nothing changed with Adrian, he continued to live out on the streets until the viral infection broke down the entire country.



    The End of the World

    “There is no hunting like the hunting of man, and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never care for anything else thereafter.”


    As the dust settled in the new world, Adrian was well equipped to handle this new hellscape they were forced.


    Law and order had broken down, the military had no authority, everyone was on an even playing field, and Adrian was ready to play.


    He never put the needs of others ahead of his own. If he needed supplies, he wouldn’t hesitate to take it from those who had them, however he always kept that as a last resort, giving some mercy.


    Adrian made allies in this hellish world. He met with an old, grizzled, Russian sniper, who had made himself a half ghillie suit. The two worked together for a while, teaching each other some things about survival. The Russian taught Adrian how to endure wearing a ghillie suit, how they were made, and how effective they were, and Adrian taught him some methods of street survival and stashing equipment.


    Eventually the two were seperated near Zelenogorsk, and Adrian struck out on his own once again, heading west to the central towns of South Zagoria.


    In his travels after parting with the Russian, Adrian met a young woman named Kira. As he was passing by Kumyrna, he heard the groans of a horde in the town. Curiosity got the better of him and he went towards the town and looked towards it with his binoculars. He spotted a small hordge surrounding a building in the town. It was a two story red house, and in the windows he could see her moving through, looking for a way out. Adrian began to walk away, not caring much of it at first, before what little morales he had left got the better of him and he turned around to help her.


    He crept through the town, sneaking past the horde and around the building to the back. He took a rock and tossed it at the window, breaking it. This got Kira’s attention and she spotted him out the broken window. He called up to her, giving her instructions on how to get out,


    “I’m gonna toss a bundle of rope up there, tie it to a door knob and throw the other end out the window, climb through and down the rope!”


    She nodded and Adrian pulled a bundle of rope out of his bag and tossed it up to her. She caught the rope and followed his instructions. The pair of them snuck out of the town and made for the hills.


    Adrian and Kira traveled away from the town as it grew dark. They agreed to set camp in the woods, and as they did, they got to know each other. They grew to become good friends and traveled with each other for months. Adrian grew to love Kira, he would do whatever he could to help her, and she felt the same for him. 


    As they traveled, Adrian learned more and more about her, and loved every bit. Kira always carried a heart shaped locket with her. Inside was a family photo, on the left her family, and on the right a single picture of her. She carried it with her to remind her of her family. Adrian found out that Kira’s family was in the horde of infected that had trapped her inside the house.


    Adrian and Kira travelled for months, inseparable. They worked together to survive and grew a close relationship. After almost a year of being together, they agreed that when they finally were out of the country, they would marry each other. Sadly, this never happened.


    The pair were traveling north east to an airfield near Krasnostav. As they arrived in the town, they walked into an ambush. A flashbang rolled out into the road and blinded both of them, and quickly a group of bandits came out and had them both cuffed and on their knees. The bandits searched their gear and took their weapons. However, they forgot to take the knives both of them kept in their boots. Adrian unfolded a lockpick he kept in his boot and picked his handcuffs. As the bandits were scruffing through their loot, he snuck up behind one of them and stuck him in the neck. The other bandits reacted quickly, one smashed him in the nose with the butt of his gun, causing Adrian to fall to the ground and drop his knife, they continued to beat him on the ground, hitting him all over the chest and arms. Kira looked over at them with tears streaking down her eyes. She yelled out to them in desperation.


    “Please, no! Let him go!”


    “Shut up bitch, or your next.”

    A bandit snapped back at her. Spitting blood, Adrian growled back at him,


    “Touch her and you’re a dead man.”


    The bandit smirked and turned, kicking Adrian to the dirt.


    “You want to keep talkin shit, and I’ll kill ya both. Now keep your fucking mouth shut.”


    “Just let us go, please!” Kira wailed.


    As if on reaction the bandit turned, drew his knife, and slashed Kira across the face, cutting deep across her mouth. 


    “One more word, and I’ll aim lower.”


    Adrian, wounded as he was, rose to his feat and rushed him,  only to be met with a fist to the jaw.


    The other assailant finished digging through their equipment and turned to other, speaking quietly.


    “Boss, why not just kill em both? They want to keep fuckin with you, just put em down and be done with it.”


    “Boss” Paused for a minute and smirked, 


    “Nah-- Nah I got a better idea.”


    “Boss” grabbed Adrian by the collar and punched him to the ground. He kicked him in the stomach, rolling him over next to Kira, beaten and bruised. Adrian stared up at her, blood all over his face. He watched as the bandits grabbed her by her hair and dragged her where he was kneeling a moment before. One of them came behind Adrian and held his head facing her. Adrian watched helpless as one of them raised their pistol to the back of her head and executed her.


    Without hesitation, the killer took his knife and cut parts of the girls flesh from her arms, turning and forcing them down Adrians throat. He tried to fight back, only to be beaten into eating the body of his lover.


    Adrian tried to fight from their grip, only to be finally met with a rifle butt to the head, finally knocking him unconscious.



    He awoke hours later, feeling cold rain fall onto his gruesomely beaten face. Night was falling. He rolled over and saw her body laying next to him. He crawled over to her and took her hand, sobbing into the dirt. He stayed there for hours, holding her hand. The following morning he took the locket from her body and buried her on a nearby hill.


    He scavenged what he could from the town, before leaving, never wanting to return there ever again. He went East, back towards Zelenogorsk. He wanted to get far away from Krasnostav, away from the memory of her.


    Adrian was never the same from that day. He cared little about the people he met, seeing them only as livestock. He hardly cared for their survival or their needs.


    He continued East, hardly stopping to rest.


    The mental effects of eating human meat were few on Adrian. The one affecting him the most however, was addiction. He began to feed whenever he needed.

     When the remaining survivors evacuated Chernarus, Adrian left on his own, afraid of his addiction taking hold while on a ship with other survivors.

    This is where Adrian’s story begins.

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